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Welcome to St. John’s. A new neighbourhood for enterprise, culture and living, a place that distinguishes itself by its unique cultural history, diverse mix of inhabitants, rich context and its position at the crossroads of a network.

St. John’s will be a place to belong to. An ever-evolving adventure. A vibrant, sustainable, walkable neighbourhood with character and identity. A truly unique place with an exciting future.

St. John’s offers something for everyone by providing a richness of detail – from high views to low views, from sky to village, retail to restaurant, start-up to established business.

All of the action here will take place against a backdrop of intimate streets and lively courtyards making St. John’s a vibrant, technology-led city centre eco-system where forward-thinkers can live, work and play.

Allied London is working in partnership with Manchester City Council on what will be one of the city’s most important and greatest opportunities for the next decade and will help Manchester elevate its position further as a leading UK and international city.

A new community that epitomises Manchester’s confidence, its cultural and physical history and at the same time forges a distinctive identity for St. John’s.