The ABC Buildings

Quay Street, Manchester


The Spirit of an Era

The 1960s changed our world forever. A new creative energy and design ethos emerged, transforming the art, design and creative industries, while filling the air with possibility and new movements. Look around today’s modern world and you’ll find that many of the design, music, film and technological developments started in the sixties. So what is it about the decade that we now find so inspiring; it’s simple, it was a defining era that informs so much of our modern lives.

We had the same vision and optimism for the reinvention of the 1960s Brunswick Centre in London’s Bloomsbury. We invested time, money and emotion in adapting this unloved place to become a vibrant award-winning urban project that is now a benchmark of regeneration. As you learn more about The ABC Buildings, think about how culture has impacted modern society, think about how we’re driven by the aesthetics of fashion, and then think about how you can do something as lasting as those people, those creators in the Sixties. We love the era, we love the buildings, and we see an opportunity to create something extraordinary. The ABC Buildings are every bit as important and relevant today as they were in the Sixties. Join us in this vision and let’s make it something extraordinary to revitalise the spirit of an era.

The A Building

Constructed in 1959 as a showcase for the clean lines of Modernism, a building that celebrates and enhances those lines today. Contemporary design principles overlay historic details to create a respectfully eclectic workspace. The original terrazzo flooring and steel ironmongery are balanced to perfection by exposed concrete, rich timber finishes, classic furniture and angular geometric lighting.

The B Building

Sixties chic, timeless elegance, refined modern style. Space, elegance and precise geometry define the distinctive allure of B building. Built in 1965, it retains the original suspended ceilings and the timeless glamour of the era. Grid patterns and decorative graphical lines are softened by rich coloured teak and luxurious brass finishes. Panoramic views of St. John’s Garden only enhance B building’s appeal as a sophisticated and inspiring setting for discerning modern business.

The C Building

C building is a uniquely inspiring space for modern industry to connect and create in the heart of Manchester. Versatile and stylish in every way, it benefits from huge floor heights, vaulted ceilings and an exclusive central roof garden and terrace. The décor is designed to wow, from the front façade’s lightbox canopies to the stripped- back concrete finishes.



Will Lewis
OBI Property
T: 0161 237 1717

Chris Reay
Allied London
T: 0161 827 1727

Retail & Leisure 

Rochelle Silverstein
Allied London
T: 0161 974 7446

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