One of the key components of creating a new neighbourhood with a thriving community, is the culture that it adopts. Our vision for a successful culture is focused upon innovation, the arts and creativity.

This will be a stage for exploration and enriching experiences, supporting emerging talent by creating space for artistic experimentation. Exhibitions, screenings, workshops, leisure and retail will provide inspiration and opportunity around every corner.

St. John’s will be a place to grow, learn, develop and transform. St. John’s will be a playground for imagination and inventiveness. Exciting, energising experiences will be carefully curated and played out in shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, breweries, bookshops, galleries and gyms. Shopping and eating here will have a distinctly independent, artisan flavour. Fashion will be quirky, modern and retro. This will be a vibrant, productive neighbourhood for an enterprising community of thinkers, makers and doers.

All about the arts

The cultural ecology of St. John’s will evolve out of contemporary art, experiential entertainment, and interactive engagement. Exciting venues, including Factory will host the type of cutting-edge practices that are the lifeblood of the creative industries: graphic design, music production, fashion, photography and print.


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