Life at St. John's will offer balance.

A place where you can walk to work, pop around the corner for a coffee and a newspaper, a community where people know your name, and where there’s always a seat at your favourite restaurant. St. John’s will support the growth of families and family life; something that is integral to everyone in many different ways and many different forms – from parents and children to friends and colleagues.

Whether it is living in the 52 storey, modern, luxurious Tower at St. John’s Place; the artisanal, craft inspired South Village apartments; or the tech enabled, service-led Nickel & Dime towers; living at St. John’s will be enriched with colour and vibrancy.

Strong neighbourhoods can be immensely powerful. They kick start the human interaction that builds knowledge and drives motivation. The best ones create the cultural and educational charge for harmony and prosperity.

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