Manchester Goods Yard

Manchester Goods Yard is the commercial hub of the neighbourhood, a place where work and play seamlessly fuse together in the stylish surrounds of the New York inspired warehouse concept. Textured and industrial, metalwork and glass, daylight spilling in from all angles and floor to ceiling heights worthy of a warehouse building; Manchester Goods Yard will be a place of real enterprise, it’s the epitome of modern working at the centre of the new St. John’s neighbourhood.

24/7 life and activity will be the backbone of the building, a hive of activity at the centre of St. John’s. The distinctive design of the building centres on workspaces that function in dynamic and flexible ways, all are complemented by live/work units at the top and retail/commercial units at ground level. This horizontal layering of uses creates a building that is agile and adaptable, both now and in the future.


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