The Tower

The Tower at St. John’s Place will become a new living landmark for Manchester. Sitting at the gateway to St. John’s the 52 storey tower will become an inspiring sight across the city. Not only will the tower be breath-taking in size, but also elegant in its finer details.

It’s an architectural statement of elegance, taking inspiration for its shape and form from the first towers of the 1930s to 1960s New York and Chicago, creating a classic icon that instils a sense of heritage. The Tower at St. John’s Place will be visible across Manchester creating a lasting impression on the skyline of the city. It will be part of the language of the city as a key identifier; a meeting place; an anchor; a destination.


Take our 360 tour and experience living at The Tower at St. John’s.

LAUNCH 360 TOUR For the full VR experience, head tracking requires a Google Cardboard compatible device
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