“We want to build a proud new cultural community for Manchester, we want to make a lasting difference, we want to do it in principled ways, we want to involve as many positive voices as we can, and we want to do it well.”

Michael Ingall, Chief Executive, Allied London

We’re creating a new city centre community with its own distinct character and sense of place. St. John’s will be a unique way to live, work and enjoy the Manchester experience. Imagine a place that stimulates the senses. A sanctuary, an oasis, a home in the city – the place that enlivens you. Light, aspect, serenity.

The creation of St. John’s is a dynamic response to the demands of an ever diversifying and technologically enabled population, both within the city and across the world. All within a single urban neighbourhood.

St. John’s will allow natural innovators to live, work and play together to form an inspired and productive community. St. John’s will be a place to belong to, an opportunity for inspiration. An ever-evolving adventure. A vibrant, sustainable, walkable neighbourhood where there are no boundaries between enterprise, culture and living – it will be one community in one neighbourhood. It will be a place to grow, learn, develop and transform.


Our principles throughout St. John’s are:

Creating strong neighbourhoods culturally and educationally enriching the environment for human interaction, knowledge, and motivation.

Offering a richness of detail provides something for everyone - from workspaces to film studios, retail to restaurants, cafes to bars and start-ups to established businesses.

Building up the modern from the foundations of iconic heritage, ensuring a truly unique community with an exciting future.

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